Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Zoe!!! Zoe's Rapunzel birthday.

I know I haven't posted much for a while, so, I'm making up for it with a few more posts. :)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair....

Here is my version of Rapunzel’s tower room. It's complete with painted walls, book shelf with a book she was reading and paint brushes on the table. There is even one on the floor where her "mother" painted the pointy fanged face. Of course she has to have her green friend Pascal as well.

Grandpa wanted me to go all out for his little Zoe, such a softy. The cake is French vanilla and iced with Italian butter cream. The back wall is done from a fondant/gum paste mix (for my students it is the 50/50 mix you learned about in class 3) the table and brushes, along with the rug, and even Pascal are all gum paste details. The floor is fondant and painted by hand.  All the details on the wall are hand painted as well.
Happy Birthday Zoe! :)

Brave Birthday

This was done for one of the nurses that come to check on my step-dad. Thank you ladies for all you do, you are amazing.

The cake is chocolate with a berry cream filling. The frosting is an almond butter cream. To do her hair I striped a piping bag with the two colors the darker I put in the bag first on the one side of the bag and then filled the other side with the lighter color. Instead of a boarder on top I piped her hair coming down over the edges. I used just a touch of gold luster dust that is eatable but does have real gold in it so it should be used sparingly on cakes that are going to be eaten. I just put it on the "H", the "B" and the bottom border.

I loved doing this cake it was so much fun.

Barbie cake

Barbie cakes are a classic for a little girls Birthday. :) This one is a French vanilla Cake with Italian butter cream Icing. (This family loves the Italian butter cream, not that I blame them, it’s yummy.)


Lilly's floral Birthday

Here is a vanilla cake with Italian butter cream for Lilly. This is such a bright and cheery cake for a snowy month. Thank you for letting me do this for your birthday. :)

(Students corner... I used the canned food color spray to give the boarder the two toned color look. I also used it on one of the gerbera daisies as well. The gerbera daisy is taught in the Wilton class 4. )

Valinties Day Cake. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a cake that has alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with an Italian butter cream icing and filling. The harts are gum paste with royal icing writing and designs. (Students note... do you recognize the reverse shell boarder?)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mary, Snow fall cake.

This beautiful snowy cake was for my friend Mary.
I love how every cake I do is so different and reflects the people that want them.
Here is an updated picture of this cake. thank you Mary.

The snowflakes are royal icing with an eatable sparkle to them to give them that wintery feel of fresh falling powder snow. They wanted alternating layers of chocolate and raspberry swirl cake separated by raspberry cream filling in each layer. The whole thing is covered in Italian butter cream. In between each layer are three royal icing snowflakes standing up together.

Again I'm sorry it’s not a great picture. I have a picture of it just before I delivered it down below to show the details better.


To my sweet brother Ken, I wanted something special just for you on your wedding day as well. I love you.

He loves German chocolate cake so that is just what he got. The outside is iced with a creamy chocolate butter cream and topped with more germen chocolate filling. He loves the outdoors so a sugar picture of him hiking in the mountains is just the thing. The sides are a combination of chocolate icing and chocolate fondant to make the bark of the pine tree. I used a flower center mold to create the texture and cocoa powder and some white petal dust to create the color contrast. I even got to use my airbrush gun on this a little bit to create the color in the knots in the tree.

Again sorry it’s not a better picture.


Congratulations Ken and Darlene! I'm a little behind posting this, but here it is. I was so happy to do Darlene’s cake and Ken’s grooms cake. I love you both.

I'm afraid my camera wouldn't take a good picture of it from the front, as you can see below, but the side view shows it better. It's almost the tallest cake I've ever done. I couldn't fit it in my car so thank you to Jason and Amman for being my drivers for this adventure.

The bride wanted a few different flavors. The top and seconded layers are red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for filling. The 3ed layer is chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling. The 4th layer is a key lime cake with key lime curd and Italian butter cream for filling, yum. That was a new recipe for me and one of my new favorites. The whole cake is covered with Italian butter cream and fondant over each layer. Each layer is accented with sliver sugar lace. The florist at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building did a wonderful job placing the flowers. (I would trust there them with any of my cakes.  The florist did such a wonderful job. She may not see this post but thank you anyway.)

I almost forgot, the bottom layer was actually fake. There was enough cake with the other layers so to create height and not more cake we added a fake layer.
(A little hint for my students: I covered the fake layers with royal icing before i cover it with fondant so it would create the same look as the other layers. It helps the fondant stick as well. Royal icing also cleans off the fake layers cleanly and easily with hot water. That will keep your fake layers nice and ready to use for your next cake.)