Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This cake was for a beautiful bride Roxana.
The cake is an orange cake with a mandarin orange cream filling. This is a new cake recipe I have developed using fresh orange juice and orange zest. It’s covered with vanilla butter cream and vanilla fondant.
The bride and grooms initials are hand piped on the front of the cake and surrounded by fondant accents and teal and yellow roses. Each layer is bordered with silver fondant pearls.
The first time I made this orange cake I made it in cupcakes and frosted it with an orange chocolate frosting. It was a huge hit. The orange cream filling is a fun variation as well.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I got to do this fun cake for my niece Ashley for her wedding shower.
It's a nice vanilla cake with chocolate raspberry filling and cream cheese icing.
The cake is topped off with some fondant ribbon roses in her colors of teal and coral.
I'm so happy for you Ashley and thank you again for letting me do this for you.
For my students, I'll show how to make these roses in a future post. :)

Dog lovers :)

Here is a fun chocolate cake with butter cream icing. They all have sweet dogs and wanted them on the cake as well along with their ages. (Last names have been with held to protect the birthday ladies and gentleman from revealing there ages to the public. :) )

Eagle Scout

I was lucky enough to do a cake for two eagle scouts.