Saturday, January 23, 2010

Navy Cake

This is the Navy emblem of my step dads Unit. I was able to do this cake for there reunion. They didn't want a lot of Icing so I did the top so it was removable. It is done on a board with colored rolled fondant. The gold was painted with edible gold paint. The cake is white cake with Coconut filling and icing. The boarder of the cake is dusted with edible gold powder. I used coconut on the top of the cake so the emblem wouldn't stick to the top of the cake when they lifted it off.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

king salmon shaped retirement cake

This was a fun cake to do. It was a chocolate cake with a mousse filling, hand carved to look like a large king salmon that the gentleman caught on a trip to Alaska. It was covered with Italian buttercream and then wraped in rolled fondant. The fins are made of fondant as well. The cake was hand painted with edible colors and edible glitter to give the scales a shine. Around the cake is candied seaweed that was actualy good. The cake was presented with a large (new) fising lure atached to the top lip of the fish.
I was able to do this cake while I worked at Lake Powell and it was for a friends husband as well which made it even more special.


This was a very tall cake. Three layers stacked on the bottom and then three more layors stacked on pillars above it. Part was grerman chocolate cake with chocolate filling, white cake with a fruit filling and becouse the bride didn't need that much cake, and to keep the cost down, the two middle layors were rice crispy treats. The layers were covered with textured buttercream and the dusted with pink edible powder to higlight the cake details. Then toped with cascades of flowers.


Here is the wedding cake that went with the grooms cake woodland. Its a buttercream icing with iceing flowers with silver centers dotting the cake. It had spice cake for one layer and carrot cake for the other with cream chease filling. simple and elagant.

These are the wedding cakes I did for my nieces. I named the cakes after the beautiful brides.


This cake is covered in a white chocolate fondant and hand panted to look like aspen bark. It is topped with an edible photo of the groom doing what he loves, fishing. It also has hand made chocolates shaped like wallnuts nestled in with the greenery. You also get a peek of the detal of the brides cake behind it.


This cake is a red velvet cake with a thin chocolate coating topped with cream cheese icing for the filling. Covered with rolled fondant and decorated with hand made pearls and piped designs and a ribbon border.


This is a carrot cake with creamcheese icing filling and covered with rolled fondant. The bride wanted a damask style cake in blue, white and black. The bottom and top layer are hand piped designes. the middle layer had fondant that has been pillowed.