Friday, February 19, 2010

Cantilope Bavarian

Here is something diffrent. Smooth, refreshning and light Cantilope Bavarian. Made from freash cantilope blended and then strained. It's wonderful for a cool light dessert for summer. This is the only picture I have of it so far. This is with a sugar cage and a touch of mint. I've sense made it in indavidual cups decorated with freash whiped cream for a party at a naibors house. It's one of my favorite Bavarians. Just sweet enought but not too sweet.

P.S. I got this one from the book that Roland Mesnier wrote.(the chef that worked at the white house and when he retired was replaced by a lady chef. I thought that was kind of exciting) The book is called Dessert University.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Im back

I just met with a bride the other day. I know her soon to be mother-in-law. We are planing out her wedding cake. fun fun fun. I'll post a picture of it when it's done. Every cake is uniqe and has its own chalanges. this one seems to be the fountin. lol. I'll let you know how it works out. It will work though. This will be a very sentamental cake for the bride and groom. It has alot of meaning in whats on the cake for them.
I know I haven't said what it will be yet but that is becouse I don't want to ruin the supirze for the guests and the bride and groom should be the onlyones to know about it until the wedding day. well, that and those the wish to tell before then.