Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mylie... I thought i posted this and found it as a draft :? here it is. very much latter. :)

Mylies Mulan party cake. :)
This was so much fun for a cute girl. :)

wilton class update

Hello all. I know I have been missing on here for awhile. Life can catch up to you sometimes and that is what happened to me. ;)  I am updating the pictures of the cakes that all my lovely students did in class for the last while.

Check out the class pages here to see their lovely cakes.

I love the changes Wilton has made to the classes! The Decorating Basics class teaches a lot of new and fun things. Flowers and cake design class has been improved a lot, it has a lot of new things you can do on your cakes including: sostas, and brush embroidery. The fondant and gum paste class has added a lot of fun new things as well. Come check it out!

So far only one new course 1 has finished and has pictures posted.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you and I am back again. More to come as well

I know I have not posted for quite some time. I have also seen that some of you have checked back now and then and I thank you. Thank you for your patients and not giving up on this blog. I've had some things to take care of at home that took my time for awhile. We have been caring for my dear sweet Step-Father whom I love. He has dementia. He is a good man who made my mother smile again after we lost my Father, which is reason enough alone to love him. I have a strong caring Mother who I watch care for him and I try to help the best I can. I know that what I can do is not always enough, but I try to do what I can do. I see my brothers and sister in our combined family doing what each one can do. Some are able to spend more time helping while others live far away or have things that make it not possible for them to be here helping, but they call and/or come when they can, and do whatever they can as well. I've seen how much that means to both my parents.

Dementia is a hard thing to watch happen, to see a person you love slowly change as it affects their brain. But, it has also given us an opportunity as a family to show our love and support to our parents in our own ways and as we are able. I've felt that I have been able to show them how I care for them in the little ways I have been able to help. To be there for them as they have been there for me. I know I'm not perfect. They have and are still doing a lot for me and I really wish I could do more for my parents. Life is a funny thing. We can't control what might be thrown our way all we can do is do the best we know how with what does come our way, even if it's treading water for a little bit before we can see where to swim to.

Anyway, thank you and I have updated the class pages and will post the cakes that haven't been posted over the past months as well.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Dragonflies

 White cake covered in a light fluffy Italian butter cream, filled with a berry filling. Molded playful sugar dragonflies dusted with an eatable sparkle hover over and around the cake.
Perfect for a summer birthday.
Happy Birthday Emmy.


Red, White and Blue Birthday

My friends’ brother was coming home from serving in the Marines and it was his birthday,
both very good reasons for a party.
I felt very privileged and excited to do the cake for my friend for him.
It was a chocolate cake with a raspberry cream filling, covered with Italian butter cream, topped with vanilla fondant. I layered it with colored ribbons of fondant and stars. It was topped with cut out patterns of fondant to create a camouflage pattern on top. The prairie dog was so much fun to model and the fur was added using royal icing.
For my Wilton students, the cake has a lot of inlays and overlays from course 3. :0)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Now on Face Book !!!

Hello everyone. Korins Sweet Creations, LLC is now on facebook. I will be posting tips and updates for the Wilton Classes there as well. This week is cupcake week for Course 1 and I posted tips on how to keep your liners from comeing off your cupcakes.

Look up Korin's Sweet Creations, LLC on facebook  and get tips like this...

 This week is a cupcake week for Wilton course one. Have you ever had your cupcakes separate from their liners? I have had that happen and so I went out to find the answer as to why it does that and how to prevent it.  In honor of cupcake week, here is what I have found....

I have found that there are a few things that may cause the liner to pull free from the cupcake.

As the liners keep your cupcakes from sticking to the pan, Don’t spray your pan. The extra oil from the spray will cause your liners to pull away from your cupcakes. 

Some of the liners are thinner then others. I found the thinner ones tend to pull away more often.  Also the liners that are treated with wax tend to pull away more as well. I read somewhere that the colored liners that are treated with a soy color tend to stay on better. I haven’t tried that so I can’t say for sure that it is so.

Make sure your cupcake liners are filled with batter enough. I fill them ½ to 2/3 full so as the cupcake rises it will come to the top of the cupcake liner and hold on it well.  Also I tap the pan on the counter so that any air between the pleats of the liner and the batter is eliminated. I have found that if there is air in the pleats then the cupcake won’t stick well to the liner and it can come loose because of it.

Another trick I heard about and have also noticed is when I accidentally put two liners on a cupcake. The extra one just comes off but the inside liner seems to stay on to the cupcake better. Though it is wasteful of the liners so I just tend to make sure I fill them enough and tap out the air and that has seemed to work well for me.

One thing I do is take your cupcakes out of the pan as soon as it’s out of the oven. If you let the cupcake cool in the pan then the steam from the cupcake and the moisture in the air will be trapped between the pan and the cupcake and cause the liner to moisten and come loose.  I turn the pan over and dump them onto the clean counter and then turn them right side up onto a cooling rack and let them cool completely.

Over baking your cupcakes will also cause them to pull away from the liner as well. So watch them and pull them out right when they are done. Of course you don’t want them under done ether so use a toothpick or a cake tester to see when they are done.

Freezing your cupcakes can make them pull away if you don’t let them cool completely before you put them in the freezer. Another mistake that I have made in the past is to put them in an air tight container before putting them in the freezer. That will trap any moisture in the container and will cause the wrappers to loosen before its even frozen. The best way to freeze your cupcakes is to quick or flash freeze your cupcakes on a cookie sheet and after they are frozen put them in the air tight container to store. That should keep the liners from pulling.

Those are the tips I have found out on my own or from looking it up online so far. Hope this helps and happy cupcake week.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This cake was for a beautiful bride Roxana.
The cake is an orange cake with a mandarin orange cream filling. This is a new cake recipe I have developed using fresh orange juice and orange zest. It’s covered with vanilla butter cream and vanilla fondant.
The bride and grooms initials are hand piped on the front of the cake and surrounded by fondant accents and teal and yellow roses. Each layer is bordered with silver fondant pearls.
The first time I made this orange cake I made it in cupcakes and frosted it with an orange chocolate frosting. It was a huge hit. The orange cream filling is a fun variation as well.