Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wilton Casses

Thanks to Amanda I was able give my blog a face lift and to add some pages and a calender ( by the ..I was able to... it means that Amanda helped me add them). Thank you Amanda. I'm teaching Wilton Classes at Michael's in Orem, which I am enjoying very much. I'm setting up a page for each class. The calendar is nice for showing the classes for the month with dates and times.

The pages for each class will have the information for each class. They will also show the final cakes of each class for those who want me to post it. I thought it would be fun for you all to see what each class is learning and to get ideas from each other. There are some really creative, cute, beautiful, fun, etc. cakes that are made at the end of class. I think its great you all will be able to see them.
I will be showing the classes I will be teaching and also be showing the Classes Rachel will be teaching as well. Rachel is a very wonderful Wilton Instructor that has been teaching for several years. I will only be showing her classes on my calendar. I wont be showing pictures from the classes she teaches.

A note of thanks and credit to Amanda for her help. The back ground on my blog is actually of her design. Her web page to Campbell Photography is linked on this page as well.

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