Sunday, June 6, 2010


This cake has a fun story behind it. The bride let her sister plan the wedding for her since she was out of state. The bride didn't even know what the cake looked like until she got there. That is trust. Georgia’s sister is very smart letting her plan it. It was a beautiful reception from what I saw.

This is a Chocolate caramel cake on the bottom and a white chocolate cake for the top layer. Since they didn't need as much cake the middle layer is rice crispy treets. The layers are taller than normal, the bottom is 7", the middle is 6" and the top is 5". They are covered in caramel Italian butter cream and then chocolate fondant. Dark chocolate is used to pipe the dark scroll work and a white chocolate is used to make the white drapes that wrap around the cake. They match the pleats on the brides dress. I had never done the pleats and drapes before. I learned a lot on this cake. It was so much fun.

That is the first time I worked with this kind of white chocolate pearl clay too. It worked real well once I got the hang of it. My hands are hot so I had to be careful to not get it too warm. It tastes very good too. I got the pearl clay recipe from one of Jennifer Dontz CDs on fondant cakes.

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  1. It's beautiful and that is trusting of the bride! She must be a nice girl.